Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Delhi Auditions | 18 Feb 2018 Written Updates Episode 1 | Season 16

Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Delhi Auditions | 18 Feb 2018 Written Updates Episode 1 | Season 16

Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Delhi Auditions | 18 Feb 2018 Written Updates Episode 1 | Season 16

Hello to all Roadies Lovers. This year Roadies came with its Xtreme level. A lot of Twists and turns in this season like Ranvj is not gang leader but he will be Mahaguru this time. All started from MTV Roadies Xtreme Delhi Auditions a huge rush of contestants outside the Venue.Ranvj took flight from Mumbai to Delhi at 4 am and was encouraging contestants on a video call.Nikhil reached to Renault showroom to give free passes for direct entry in GD round.A huge round of blows when judges came on stage.Prince cleared about his “Bhookh of Roadie Winner” as a gang leader from last two years. RanVJ introduced all other judges to new gang leader Raftaar.

Ranvijay has some major powers as a Mahaguru this year.And gang leaders will be leading from the front.Till now roadies was normal but this year it would be extreme.Gang leaders will not select gang member but will be selecting a whole pool of Roadies in auditions.For contestants, it would be more extreme because they will have to make happy at least three gang leaders.If a candidate will get only one vote because of other gang leader don’t vote for him/her, because they think that he/she is a die-hard fan of another gang leader.Then Ranvj will have a choice to give two remaining votes if that candidate is deserving.

First Contestant Who Got Key to Culling Round | MTV Roadies Xtreme Delhi Auditions

Samiksha Malik was the first contestant,19 years from Delhi, basically belongs to Haryana Rohtak. She is good in Marshal arts, Judo and Wrestling. Also, she has played Asian Championship and Bengal Championship in Wrestling. In addition, she showed her skills in stretching and dips on fingers, showed her strength while doing pole dancing. Samiksha also showed her flexibility by doing a front flip. She also gave credit to her parents who supported her and her sister since childhood. She had a crush on Sidharth Krishna who was also a roadie contestant in past seasons. After that Prince, Neha, Raftaar voted for her. Ranvijay handed MTV Roadies Xtreme key in Samiksha’s hand and made her qualify for culling round.

Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 1

Udayveer Singh was the next contestant. On asking a question he answered Prince is his favorite gang leader. Nobody was happy to read the form filled by Uday. He mentioned on his form that he slapped his friend’s mom and were caught by Police in past. He also mentioned that he is ready to sleep with someone for work. Also, he filled some bad comments and views for girls in form. On this Nikhil said you think women are objects and showed his anger to him. In the Xtreme wheel of misfortune, he got “Chanda Mama” to get a haircut and shaved his head by trimmer in the middle. Also, the panel of judges mentioned that it is nothing for what he has done in past with his friend’s mom. Prince showed him the way out politely.

Guy With Amazing Skills

Next contestant was Nishkarsh Arora, he showed dancing skills and strength on the pole. The panel of judges got impressed with his natural strength, the way he performed on the pole. He also mentioned that he was in sports since childhood like badminton and Football but after college, he had seen a video of Frank Medrano. After that, he started work out in his room. When RanVJ asked he took the name of Nikhil as a favorite gang leader and let himself in danger, now it would be tuff to convince other gang leaders to vote for him. He cleared that he was being honest, not diplomatic but Ranvj advised him that you will have to be smart on the question like this.

Nikhil voted for him and disappointed Neha. As Neha thought, Nikhil would not be selecting him for the respect of other judges. After that Raftaar took time and also gave him a vote.The final vote for him was from the RanVJ and selected him for culling round.

Important Fact about MTV Roadies Xtreme Auditions

If a gang leader Press Red Button for any contestant then even Ranvj couldn’t throw that contestant out from culling round. That means he/she will be the part of Roadies Journey. This can happen only once for each gang leader on whole auditions of four cities. In place of this gang leader will have to do something for RanVJ or it would be a task for gang leader by RanVJ after pressing that red button for his favorite contestant.

Preeti Kuntal was the next contestant. She discussed her marriage when Nikhil asked about it. Because of demonetization, her marriage got suffered and her in-laws were asking for dowry and her fiancee threatened her and her family. Preeti showed her real face and being protective of her family. She fought really well in that hard situation. She also showed her strength by doing squats while taking Prince on shoulders. All of the four judges were really impressed and gave their votes to her to qualify for culling round.

Qualified Contestant Names in MTV Roadies Xtreme Delhi Auditions
  • Samiksha Malik
  • Nishkarsh Arora
  • Preeti Kuntal

Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Delhi Auditions | 18 Feb 2018 Written Updates Episode 1 | Season 16

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