Padmaavat Movie Release Date| Official Trailer| Review|Actors|Actress|Director|Cast|Story

Padmaavat Movie Release Date| Official Trailer| Review|Actors|Actress|Director|Cast|Story


Padmaavat Movie|ReleaseDate|Review|Actors|Actress|Director|Cast|Story

Bollywood movie Padmaavat which is going to be released on 25 Jan,2018 Thursday.Sanjay Leela Bhansali and other cast have done great job to launch this movie.Nowadays all are busy in promotion of this movie.Lets see whether Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh will do blunders.Deepika’s role would be the most important role in the movie which is directly related with the title name of the movie.Graphics and effects of this movie is going to be
3D effective as we watched in the official trailer.Hope so we all are going to enjoy this movie.

Movie Name: Padmaavat
Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Release Date: 25 Jan, 2018

Padmaavat’s Cast

Ranveer Singh – Sultan Alauddin Khilji
Shahid Kapoor – Maharawal Ratan Singh
Deepika Padukone – Padmavati
Anupriya Goenka – Nagmati
Aditi Rao Hydari – Mehrunissa

Duration of Padmaavat: 2 hrs 43 mins

The story of the movie  Padmaavat is based on following historical story :

This is a story of beautiful queen named Padmavati who was also known as Padmini.She was daughter of Gandharv Sen who was ruler of  Singhal(Sri lanka) and husband of Champawati.Queen had a talking Parrot name Hirramani.Raja Gandharv Sen organise a Swayamvara in which so many rulers took participate to marry queen Padmavati  because all were well known about the beauty of queen.In that Swayamvara ,Maharawal Ratan Singh ruler of Chittorgarh,were also presented,who defeated Raja Malkhan Singh after an adventurous duel between them.He won her hand in Swayamvara and brought her to Chittorgarh.
 In Chittorgarh,people were really satisfied in kingdom of Maharawal Ratan Singh.They are happy because Ratan Singh was very fair and honest ruler.One of the famous personality in Chittorgarh was Raghav Chetan who was very good singer famous among people,Even Ratan Singh was fan of him.Chetan knows black magic too.He used to do Black Magic for bad purposes.Nobody were familiar to it.One day Chetan caught while doing Black Magic.People took him in front of ruler Ratan Singh.After making his face Black,Raja gave him DESH NIKAALA from his kingdom.

After loss of Honor and in shame Chetan decided to take revenge from Ratan singh and went Delhi to  meet Allaudin Khilji who were ruler of Delhi in 12th century.It was not an easy task to meet Allaudin because of his security.Chetan then made a plan he started living in jungle because he was knowing to this fact that Alauddin Khilji loves hunting in jungle.When Allaudin reached jungle after some days for hunting Chetan started playing his fluit.Alauddin Khilji was really impressed with fluit of Chetan so he invited him in his Palace.

On first meet Chetan introduced himself & disclosed all the secrets of Chittorgarh,army power and their strategies.He specially told Allaudin about beauty of Rani Padmavati, on which Allaudin got impressed and decided to meet Padmavati.On reaching chittor they were shocked to see the security level of Chittorgarh Keela.So they decided to make a base camp and started reside over there and making strategies about how to enter that Keela.

Allaudin Khilji made a plan and sent a proposal to Ratan Singh that he wants to see Padmavati once,he had specially come Chittor from Delhi and have feelings for Padmavati as a brother.Ratan Singh denied his proposal and declared it would be against our Rajput rituals.On this Allaudin suggested Ratan Singh he will see Padmavati in mirror while she will pass from stairs,in this way Rajput rituals would not be effected.Ratan Singh agreed on his second proposal and allowed him to do so.After fulfilled Allaudin’s desire  Ratan Singh himself went at door of Keela to see off Allaudin with a great hosting.Allaudin broke his trust and made Ratan Singh prisoner and sent a message to Padmavati if she wants to see Ratan Singh alive then She will have to come outside from Keela and will have to marry him.After that Padmavati and commander of Chittorgarh (Gora and Badal) made a plan to rescue Ratan Singh.They sent a message to Allaudin that Rani is ready to come outside while sitting in pallaki.According to plan all the brave and able soldiers will be sitting in pallakis and in Rani’s pallaki Gora will be sitting there.

A group of pallakis started coming out from Keela,on Allaudin’s question what’s all about they said all the maids of Padmavati use to go where Padmavati goes.Allaudin was so desperate for Padmavati that he didnt find it important to check all pallakis and allow them to come outside alongwith Padmavati‘s pallaki.As soon as all pallakis came outside,all soldiers started attack on Allaudin army .Gora too started attack after coming out from Padmavati’s pallaki.There was a great battle between both armies.Badal found the opportunity and rescued Ratan Singh and took him into Keela.All men who were outside in pallakis  and Gora got martyr.

Allaudin got frustrated and tried to enter Keela many times but he failed.He decided not to go anywhere and was waiting for people to come outside.After months passed,when there is shortage of food and grains in Chittorgarh,people had no option left besides to come outside.Even Ratan Singh decided to fight face to face with Allaudin.Once again there was a great battle between both army in which Ratan Singh and his men got martyr.

When Padmavati heard this news she was in deep shock.She knew that now Allaudin and his men will come inside and will kill all other men and children who were left and will make all women their slave.So she decided to organise jauhar(Agni Kund),in which all women will sacrifice their lives .Rani Padmavati and all other women sacrificed their lives one by one by jumping into fire and proved the Dharama of Pativarta ,self respect and kept the Rajput rituals alive.

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