How To Sell Books On Amazon And Be Successful | Setting Up an amazon KDP account

How To Sell Books On Amazon And Be Successful | Setting Up an amazon KDP account

In this post, you will get to know How To Sell Books On Amazon and earn money.Starting a new account with Amazon KDP is one of the easiest ways to start monetizing your income online.Amazon Kindle books might not make you rich overnight but adding books to your bookshelf on regular basis can do that for you.You need basically good writing skills to write a book before publishing it on KDP platform.

How To Sell Books On Amazon

How To Sell Books On Amazon with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Account

After you have your book written and ready to publish. Here’s How To Sell Books On Amazon with opening an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account. Read the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Program Policies. Familiarize yourself with what you can and cannot do as part of the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing program to ensure that you’re prepared to start your new account.

Visit the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Homepage. Click on the Sign in button. Enter your Amazon account login information.If you don’t have an Amazon account, you can create new Amazon KDP account by simply clicking Create your KDP account.Complete the online application. On the application, first of all, you will have to accept the terms and conditions of KDP.You can also choose the option view printer friendly version to read it comprehensively later on.

Access your new account and update the profile information.Complete your tax information part as well.Submit your bank details in which you want to receive money.After completing account information you are all set to go.Make sure your Book content, Book title, Book description, Book category, Book price, Series Number(optional) is ready before publishing any book.You need to click on Bookshelf option, then click Kindle Ebook to upload your first book.Your content file format should be in DOC, PDF, EPUB or others mention on uploading page.I prefer to choose DOC format while writing and uploading the content file.

How to Upload Books in KDP account

After putting all information you can upload any Book cover file in JPG or PNG format.You also have the option to create the cover for your book, take your time and design it patiently.Because it is going to play a vital role in selling your ebook.If you are creating a paperback version of your ebook then you will need ISBN.Don’t worry you can get a free ISBN from Amazon KDP. But Kindle ebooks don’t need an ISBN. Paperback version simply a hard copy of any book and it costs high to the consumers. Amazon charges to print any book for paperback version depending on its number of pages and quality you select to print in the book.Most people prefer Ebook than a paperback version because it costs them less in comparison of paperback version and can access anywhere on their gadgets.

Next step is to set a price for your Ebook. If the content is fully owned and copyrighted by you then you can earn up to 70% royalty otherwise you will get 35%.If you chose public domain category for your book then you will get 35% royalty.For example, you set a price for your book $2.99, if it is fully copyrighted by you then you will get 70% i.e. $2.09 on each sale of the book.If this book falls in public domain category then you will get only 35% i.e. $1.05. I hope, now you understand the difference between categories and their effects on royalties.Before publishing, you can check the preview of your ebook by clicking on Launch Preview.Analysis all pages whether its incorrect layout.


After setting up all these things its time to publish your first Ebook , on this selling platform by clicking on PUBLISH YOUR EBOOK. Once your first book got publish wait for the first sale to come.It will keep improving its rank day by day after the sale of the first book.Prepare another book in a meanwhile and keep uploading books to get good results and high earning.

How To Sell Books On Amazon

Tips When Setting Up Your Account

Read the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing policies in full before you sign up for an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account. If you violate any of the rules, your account would be canceled, often abruptly and usually without recourse.If you are Professionally a Writer, its good otherwise take some time to polish your writing skills or you can hire the content writers.

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